I phoned Dianne only a few weeks before my wedding to see if she would be able

to do our flowers.  She met with us within a few days and went away with limited

information from us.  Basically just the colours of the dresses to match the flowers with.

On the day of our wedding she arrived with the most beautiful bouquets of

flowers I have ever seen.  The colours matched the dresses perfectly and the

range and arrangement of flowers was amazing.  Thank you so much!  We will

definitely be recommending you to all our friends and family!

Sophie Douglas


Dianne Guy’s floral creations are spectacular – sometimes in the most subtle,

gentle, harmonious way and sometimes they are dramatically punchy.    

Dianne may choose conventional flowers and shrubs OR beach found driftwood    

and “common” plants which look amazing as they are unlikely candidates for    

“flower” arrangements.    

I  have had the pleasure of sharing space with many examples of Dianne’s exotic    

art works, and have enjoyed every one of them immensely. They can be created    

to go anywhere – home,  or office and we have also had them made for

celebrations.   Dianne’s flowers for weddings are especially sensational. We can’t    

wait to see the next creation....

Susie Mills - Susie Mills Law


My wedding flowers were absolutely beautiful and I loved the headpiece Dianne

made for my daughter.  The results were everything I asked for and more. 

Dianne is easy to work with and talented at what she does.

Jeannette Lane


I look forward to a Monday morning to Dianne’s arrival with my new arrangement. 

I enjoy Dianne’s funky style and imagination, and with 

that combination and the quality of the flowers she uses I receive some

fantastic arrangements.  They are not only enjoyed by myself, as I get lots

of comments from customers as well.  I totally recommend the service

provided by Style Me Flowers.

Carolyn Mitchell – The Pantry